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Our Restaurant

Exquisite traditional Catalan cuisine with specific touches of “La Mancha”, birthplace of Roberto, our chef. From typical dishes such as baked snails with black garlic “allioli”, pork’s feet with sauce, to the delicious Carpaccio of calf fillet or prawns. You can also enjoy our specialities such as the very spicy “callos” or rice dishes cooked on demand. The hostel has a large lounge, a cosy dining room for winter and another one for summer with a total capacity of 120 people.

To make a reservation please contact us:

972 294 400

Cod confit with tomato sauce, raisins and pine nuts

Cannelloni with mushrooms and foie

Creamy tripe rice

Onion stuffed with mushrooms, foie and glazed veal meat

“Gazpacho manchego”

Beef sirloin "Carpaccio"

Boneless piglet ingot, cooked at a low temperature

Sirloin steak with mushrooms sauce

Catalan custard fantasy